Healing Together The Infinite Mind DID Conference & My Perspective

The Healing Together 2016 DID conference hosted by An Infinite Mind ( a non-profit organization  dedicated to improve lives of survivors with trauma with a primary focus on Dissociative Identity Disorder.)  Healing Together is a informative, supportive and educational conference for Survivors with Dissociative Identity Disorder( a coping mechanism from repeated trauma as an infant or toddler). There are many organizations that help provide and sponsor this non profit organization to help survivors come together for one weekend to share experiences, learn coping skills, and find other survivors that can relate to such an amazing gift to survive such atrocities of this world. 

The Healing Together conference was like entering a world that very few really knows about and only few members can enter. It is a place where survivors can be themselves and they are not one of “Those People” You know the kind of people with mental health problems, the ones that seem to not function, can not hold down jobs or have families yea “Those People” !

To enter into a place that as a multiple you can relate and be the ones that are not the outsiders. That’s what it was like for three beautiful days.  To be all of us and the singlets (those without multiple personalities) where one of “those people” We could laugh, relate, joke, be sad, be real  and be honest. To discuss things that in society would label you as a disorder and the best part each person  got it without questions, without misunderstandings, or debates they just got it.

It is like what heaven will be like, everyone loving you no matter your gender, sexuality, religion, race or color a place you are all equal. A place you're not judged, scrutinized or condemned.

There were moments of play at the creative art where the child within had the opportunity to paint and color.  Sponsored by Pandora’s Project. Pandora created a place of safety and moments when anxiety or feeling overwhelmed we could escape into the world of that little girl or boy that was never able to express themselves or we could travel to the walking labyrinth a place of peace and relaxation. To meditate,  pray, take a moment to use grounding techniques or just reflect on the conference experience.   

With speakers such as Robert Oxnam Arthur Of A Fractured Mind who shared his personal reflection and love of classical music. Robert really had the crowd going with introducing several classics that brought joy, hope and a sense of peace to many into  the room. .   

Dr. Millissa Kaufman and Dr. Lauren Lebois who explained their interest in the scientific studies of dissociation where researchers come together to explain up-to-date understanding of neuroscience, which is the scientific study of the nervous system these findings are related to  PTSD and DID. An extraordinary method to show how amazing the brain truly is.

And of course we can not forget Jaime Pollack founder and Director of Infinite Mind. Jamie showed true humbleness and gratitude for all those that have contributed to the conference, she shared moments of struggles, but yet given hope by ending the conference with a beautiful video Blind Melon- No Rain.

If you have not attended this remarkable conference and you are a survivor with DID,  Take moment to be  encouraged  to attend the 2017 Healing Together Conference.

It is also important to recognize and thank PTE Productions, McLean Hill Center for Women, NOVA SouthEastern University, Discovery Institute PA, Pandora's Project,  Rise Recovery  Institute, CI Coller Industries Incorporated, P3 (The Personal Power and Prosperity Course) Love your Life, and D&B Promotionals. It is because of your support you make this possible for healing, encouragement and hope for many survivors.

I also like to thank Robert Oxnam,Steven N Gold, Nancy Gaulin  and many others that made this conference possible by contributing their time and dedication.

I also want to personally Thank Jaime Pollack  and her Team who spend each year  making this conference a success. You are very much appreciated in the DID community.  

Cole Ian and the Raymond System